Давайте знакомиться

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* This is the first update from Dmitry since taking over Ilya's old position.
* He's worked at LiveJournal for approximately 4 years already.
* The main purpose for his journal now (he's deleted or made private all of his previous entries) is to keep users informed of plans and raise topics of discussion.
* He says he's always open to questions or suggestions.
* More news to come soon, but in the meantime he'd like users to introduce themselves in the comments.


igrick wrote: http://igrick.livejournal.com/608892.html
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* Ilya provides a link to a news article, which alludes to a press release from LJ's parent company. (If anyone can find a link to the actual press release that'd be awesome.)
* It appears that Ilya, along with tritankista, will be leaving their positions with LJ to work on a new project for LJ's parent company.
* It's not clear from the article who will take over their positions with LJ.
* Farewell igrick and tritankista and good luck in your future endeavors.

Обновление LiveJournal v.108 на бете

livejournal wrote in lj_ru_beta: http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/9905.html
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* Release 108 is now in beta.
* On the homepage, you can now select which version of the rating you would like to view (Cyrillic, Ukrainian, or non-cyrillic). Non-cyrillic users have this option as well.
* Something about the newest entries posted on LJ. I'm not sure if this is a change to the existing Latest entries feature, or if it's a new thing.

Обновление Живого Журнала

livejournal wrote in ru_news: http://ru-news.livejournal.com/30979.html
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* Release 107 is now live
* Users who include use the paid repost option can now specify the target audience they'd like to see the entry, and users who repost that entry will be paid according to how well their audience matches the original author's target. When using targetting LJ will charge a 50% commission on each repost payment. More information in the FAQ.
* You can now use the add image dialog box on the Post an entry page to search through and add images from your Dropbox account.
* The notification bar at the top of the homepage has been changed. Instead of a "My Guests" module that shows up for everyone, the notification section will now show entries from journals that you have visited, but do not have on your friends list.

Обновление LiveJournal v.106 на бете

livejournal wrote in lj_ru_beta: http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/9692.html
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* Beta of release 106
* Tag functionality has been updated.
* You can now merge tags.
* You can also add a new tag to existing entries based on the tags it already has.
* The tag management page has been updated with the new design by Studio Lebedev.
* Remember, anyone can join the beta test.

Twitter & Feedly

igrick wrot: http://igrick.livejournal.com/604077.html
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* The problems with Twitter accounts being continually disconnected from LJ accounts has been corrected.

igrick wrote: http://igrick.livejournal.com/604503.html
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* With the imminent demise of Google Reader a lot of users have migrated to Feedly as a replacement.
* Because of the massive increase in traffic LJ was blocking Feedly from reading RSS feeds from LJ.
* LJ has worked with Feedly to resolve the problems, and now Feedly can read LJ feeds again.

New homepage

igrick wrote: http://igrick.livejournal.com/603668.html
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livejournal wrote in ru_news: http://ru-news.livejournal.com/30669.html
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* Russian announcements of the new homepage.
* Differences between the Russian and non-Russian versions include:
** Categories in the ratings module
** An editorial section for highlighting different areas.
** A change in the number of promo blocks available in the different rating sections.

tema wrote: http://tema.livejournal.com/1439620.html
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* Artemy does his own announcement of the new homepage
* The machine translations are odd, but it sounds like he's proud of it.
* His studio did the design work for this, so he's aware of what it looks like.
* More information on the ongoing site redesign can be found on his studio's website.

Приемная копилка (#1)

igrick wrote: http://igrick.livejournal.com/603425.html
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* This is a continuation of Ilya's "Introduction" entry, mentioned earlier.
* As part of Ilya's efforts to keep comments in his entries focused on the subject of his entries, this entry is designed as a catch all for all other comments - questions, suggestions, criticisms, accusations, etc...
* He (and possibly other LJ staff) will periodically answer the questions.

* Just in the first page of comments he answers questions on:
** Windows phone app - likely next year
** New homepage out of beta - next week
** They're aware of the constant Twitter dosconnections

Новая главная(BETA)

livejournal wrote in lj_ru_beta: http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/9261.html
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* The new version of the homepage that was mentioned last week is now in beta testing.
* Remember, to beta test new features on LJ you can simply follow the instructions in our sticky entry
* When you first visit the homepage after turning on beta there will be a brief guided tour explaining new features. I accidentally closed the tour while trying to copy some text, so if someone would like copy it into the comments that'd be great.
* The general look has been updated to better match the new site design created by Lebedev Studio. (1)
* At the top is a new notification center divided into three sections (5):
** On the left are "events" - vgifts, birthdays, new friends, private messages, etc...
** In the middle are the recent comments. It's showing me the four most-recent comments made to both my journal and to a community entry I made, but the heading links to Recent Comments which only shows comments made to your personal journal.
** On the right it shows the last four visitors to my journal, even though I have My Guests turned off which means I'm not supposed to show up a list of visitors and I'm not supposed to see who visited my journal either.
* Just below the notification center is the search bar, a few buttons to the left to subscribe to the LJ Top 15 entries on a variety of services (3), and options for display of the ratings below (4).
** These options include: Show/Hide multiple posts from the same account - if you choose to hide multiple posts, the ratings will only display a single entry per journal or community.
Show/Hide posts from friends - entries (personal entries only) by your friends will be hidden or shown in the ratings.
Show/Hide hidden posts - The default is to use your custom blacklist to block personal journals and communities from the ratings. You can click Show to temporarily show these entries, and they will be displayed as greyed-out to differentiate them from the entries that would have shown up in personal ratings.
* Below all this there's a community spotlight type section, the ratings section itself, and a Top Journals & Top Communities sidebar.
* It appears that the editors' picks section (6) and ratings categories (2) are Cyrillic-only features.
* There's supposed to be some feature giving information about a user's position in the rankings, but either I'm too low to appear or it's a Cyrillic-only feature.