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Catching up

Earlier today I noticed that there had been a fair number of announcements to ru_news that hadn't been mirrored to news. Click on the headline to see a Google translation of each Russian post. I'll try to keep this brief.

Embedding LiveJournal posts

* This item was shared with non-Russian news, but I think it was presented badly, and as it figures into a couple of later updates here it is again.
* The News post framed this as the ability to embed LJ posts on other services outside of LJ, and for some reason the comments (moreso than usual) got mired down in complaints on how this was too much like Facebook, etc...
* The major takeaway from the Russian post is that you can now embed an LJ post inside another LJ post, adding your own commentary and collecting your own comments. This brings it much closer to a Tumblr-style reblog than the old repost function, which most closely resembled a standard Retweet on Twitter.

View counter on posts
* Entries displayed in the system style can now display a counter that shows the total number of times the entry has been viewed.
* You can enable or disable this counter with the "Show View Counter" setting.
* Personal blacklist for the frontpage now apply to the ratings list as well as the popular entries list.

Instagram on LJ
* Users can now set up a daily or weekly digest of Instagram images to post automatically to their journal.

Autumn News
* Active users now get 5GB of disk space standard.
* In order to combat problems with content theft, old-style reposting has been disable. Existing old-style repost buttons now start a new entry with the original entry automatically embedded.
* The Share to LJ option in the Share Entry menu has been replaced with the Embed entry option. changed to use the new-repost mechanism rather than the old-repost mechanism. This means that every public entry on LJ can now be reposted in the retweet style.

Create a post based on a comment
* When leaving a comment on a system-styled entry you can select to start a new entry in your journal based on the comment.
* When you post your comment you will be taken to the post editor a new entry will be created in your journal with the text of your comment pre-filled in and the original entry where you were leaving the comment embeded in your entry.
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