Harold (fiddlingfrog) wrote in ruljautonews,

Обновление Живого Журнала(BETA)

livejournal wrote in ru_news: http://ru-news.livejournal.com/31264.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft

* release 110 is live, just two days after going to beta
* Support pages have been redesigned, including FAQs
* Journal owners can now use webmaster tools from Yandex and mail.ru
** Default comment system changes
** Comments by the entry author are now marked with a different color header. When comments are collapsed the header color is applied as a background behind the entire comment
** New floating widget in the lower right corner that gives you links to the previous and next entries.
** Clicking the memories button now gives you a menu to add an entry quickly, at your choice of security.
* New anti-spam measures for personal messages
* The minimum social capital for placing promo blocks has been removed
* Owners of paid communities now have an increased limit to the number of personal messages.
Tags: beta, comm:ru_news, commenting, promo-block, r110, spam, staff:livejournal, support, webmaster tools

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