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release 98

igrick wrote: http://igrick.livejournal.com/567038.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft
* In order not to mix discussions, Ilya has split his announcement of the release over several entries. This first part is about the in-journal promo block.
* In order to buy a promo-block, or place one in your journal, you need to be opted into Cyrillic services.
* The in-journal block is now available for everyone to purchase, and will soon be available for everyone to place.
* You can see what these blocks look like by looking at the front page of Ilya's journal.

livejournal wrote in ru_news: http://ru-news.livejournal.com/27672.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft
* First item is about the in-journal promo-block.
* Next comes the announcement about the beta friends page. The question of "why" is directly addressed, and it's explained that the hundreds of styls available on LJ right now make it difficult to develop new features (with the recent debacle of not everyone being able to see who reposted an entry given as an example).
* Later additions to the friends page will add pagination (instead of infinite scroll), and the ability to change page background and font size.
* Interestingly, the first comment is a complaint about paid accounts seeing the promo-block, and the reply from staff indicates that LJ is planning on removing paid accounts at some point in the future. What that means for paid features remains to be seen. astronewt provides more information on the paid account changes here. It sounds like LJ is going to an a-la-carte model for additional features, much like you can buy additional userpics.

ljru_staff wrote in lj_ru_support: http://lj-ru-support.livejournal.com/674408.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft
* Another announcement regarding the release.
* No new information, but it's probably worth reading for the comments from one of the LJ developers in the first comment thread.

igrick wrote: http://igrick.livejournal.com/567081.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft
* And here's the announcement regarding the new friends page.
* First he lays out the list of changes:
** Advertising removed
** You will only see an entry reposted once, no matter how many friends repost it.
** Reposts are more clearly marked
** Filter options are now available to all, and not just hose who use the navstrip.
** LJ-cut has a new look, and creating fake cuts will result in "sanctions imposed by the administration (note, that's how the machine translation phrases it)"
** Infinite scroll add 20 entries to the end as you near the bottom of the page.
** The side buttons indicate when a new entry has been added.

* He also includes a list of future features. It's not clear whether these are going to be added during the public beta process, or after the initial release.
** FriendsTimes will be added to the overall friends page and as a filter.
** The ability to leave a comment directly from the friends page.
** A list of recent entries will be included as a filter (not sure if this means your recent entries, or those of your friends)
** Entry authors will be able to identify comments to an entry to be displayed directly on the friends page.
** Some appearance configuration - background and font size.
** Better size adaptation for the device used (i.e. mobile phones and small screen computers).
** Dynamic loading and other AJAX can be disabled.
** And a few more where the machine translation was just confusing.
** He also provides a screenshot of what the new friends page will look like after some additional changes.
[Click to see the screenshot]

Also, the English-language announcement is available in lj_releases: http://lj-releases.livejournal.com/79480.html

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