How anyone can join beta testing

It's trivially easy to test beta features.
1) Go to lj_ru_beta and request to join.
2) Wait to get confirmation that you've been accepted into the community (this could take a few hours.) The community is currently set for open membership, so you should be a member right away.
3) Go to this page and choose Go To under Beta.
4) That's it, you're now testing the beta release. All site-scheme pages should now display a big "BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA" in yellow letters across the top.
5) There's usually no public English entry to make bug reports/comments/suggestions to, so this is probably the best place to do so. You could make comments in the lj_ru_beta post but if you do please keep this in mind: the majority of commenters there don't speak English and if they do it's not their primary language. Machine translation of Russian is lousy. "My hovercraft is full of eels" lousy. While you can engage in basic dialogue and get a feel for what the other person is saying, don't get too hung up on anyone's phrasing.
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Catching up

Earlier today I noticed that there had been a fair number of announcements to ru_news that hadn't been mirrored to news. Click on the headline to see a Google translation of each Russian post. I'll try to keep this brief.

Embedding LiveJournal posts

* This item was shared with non-Russian news, but I think it was presented badly, and as it figures into a couple of later updates here it is again.
* The News post framed this as the ability to embed LJ posts on other services outside of LJ, and for some reason the comments (moreso than usual) got mired down in complaints on how this was too much like Facebook, etc...
* The major takeaway from the Russian post is that you can now embed an LJ post inside another LJ post, adding your own commentary and collecting your own comments. This brings it much closer to a Tumblr-style reblog than the old repost function, which most closely resembled a standard Retweet on Twitter.

View counter on posts
* Entries displayed in the system style can now display a counter that shows the total number of times the entry has been viewed.
* You can enable or disable this counter with the "Show View Counter" setting.
* Personal blacklist for the frontpage now apply to the ratings list as well as the popular entries list.

Instagram on LJ
* Users can now set up a daily or weekly digest of Instagram images to post automatically to their journal.

Autumn News
* Active users now get 5GB of disk space standard.
* In order to combat problems with content theft, old-style reposting has been disable. Existing old-style repost buttons now start a new entry with the original entry automatically embedded.
* The Share to LJ option in the Share Entry menu has been replaced with the Embed entry option. changed to use the new-repost mechanism rather than the old-repost mechanism. This means that every public entry on LJ can now be reposted in the retweet style.

Create a post based on a comment
* When leaving a comment on a system-styled entry you can select to start a new entry in your journal based on the comment.
* When you post your comment you will be taken to the post editor a new entry will be created in your journal with the text of your comment pre-filled in and the original entry where you were leaving the comment embeded in your entry.

Региональный ТОП ЖЖ(BETA)

dimson wrote:
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Long time no post folks. How've you all been?

In this entry Dmitry talks about the regionalization that LJ has been working on for a few years (mostly on the Russian/Eastern European side). And how, starting today, they're beta-testing a new rating that divides by both language (Cyrillic and something the machines couldn't translate), countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) and region (seven different regions in Russia).

These new options are only visible if you've turned on beta testing and are using the new site design.
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ЖЖ новости

dimson wrote:
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New Site Design!!!
This new site design is apparently in beta. When you first visit LJ you should have a popup giving you the option to either stick with the new design or go back to the old version. There doesn't yet seem to be a way to switch back and forth if you dismiss the popup.

[Switch back to the old design]Okay, right now there's a bit of a display problem. There's supposed to be a button at the top of the new header that looks like a question mark inside a word balloon, like this:

But some people are seeing a blank space instead:

If you see the question mark, click on it. If you don't see that icon, click on the blank space where it should be. This will bring up a pop-up with a link to switch back to the old version:

[Turn on new design]If you've already dismissed the pop-up but have decided to give the new design a try, there is no link or button you can press. Instead, you need to open a Support request and ask to have new design turned on for your account. I suggest using "Turn on new design" for the summary of your request.

1. All the old site schemes (Horizon, Vertigo, Lanzelot, & Lynx) have been replaced with this new design.
2. Homepage remains functionally the same, with the exception of the notification bar, which has been moved to a sidebar on the friends feed.
3. User profiles have been redesigned again. Interests and vgifts have been hidden in separate tabs and user statistics (userpics, photos, comments, etc...) are now along the side.
4. The new friends feed now has a bunch of customizable widgets, including calendar view, My Guests, new comment notifications and upcoming events, etc...
5. There's a new "Magazine" and that's about all I can really make of it.

Until there's an English-language post about these changes, I recommend leaving any feedback on the post linked at the top of this entry. It doesn't matter that it's written in Russian, or that most of the comments are in Russian. At least this way your feedback will be seen by an actual employee of LJ.

Update 5/16: There's now an English-language post here in lj_releases, though comments have been disabled. There's a clearer explanation about some of the changes. Staff have also asked users to submit bug reports, suggestions, or feedback about the redesign by opening a Support ticket. You can do so in the regular way, making sure to select "redesign" as the category, or if you're using the new design you can click on the speech bubble/question mark icon and click on the leave feedback link. It still might not hurt to leave a comment in the announcement post.


ТАСС уполномочен заявить

dimson wrote:
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* Users and communities utilizing Cyrillic Services will no longer display the exact number of friends, members, or watched by on the profile if those numbers exceed two thousand. Users and community owners/maintainers will continue to be able to see the exact number.

* Pageviews will no longer factor into user and community ratings (I think. This was short enough to make machine translation a bit rough.)

* These changes are completely coincidental, and are meant for optimization.

* Which brings to mind an interesting report last week from user strannik01 (just a regular guy in Chicago). He reports that the Russian legislature has approved a law classifying any Russian website or blog with more than three thousand visitors a day as a media outlet. This means that any Russian LJ user in Russia with more than three thousand is now subject to the same regulations as other non-state-run media.

* So yeah, coincidental change on LJ's end that makes it harder to casually determine how many viewers Cyrillic users have.
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LiveJournal, Inc. to get a new CEO

Long time no post:
Translations available at Google and Microsoft

The new LiveJournal, Inc. CEO is going to be Katya Akudovich, who used to work for Google and Microsoft before, according to sources 'familiar with the situation'. This is confirmed on her LinkedIn profile page. It is not yet clear what Katya will be doing in her new position but it is told that dimson will keep his.

This is announced by a third-party site ahead of a press event tomorrow, April 15th. Based on the information the site has, Katya's appointment will be officially anounced at that press event.
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Обновление Живого Журнала(BETA)

livejournal wrote in ru_news:
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* release 110 is live, just two days after going to beta
* Support pages have been redesigned, including FAQs
* Journal owners can now use webmaster tools from Yandex and
** Default comment system changes
** Comments by the entry author are now marked with a different color header. When comments are collapsed the header color is applied as a background behind the entire comment
** New floating widget in the lower right corner that gives you links to the previous and next entries.
** Clicking the memories button now gives you a menu to add an entry quickly, at your choice of security.
* New anti-spam measures for personal messages
* The minimum social capital for placing promo blocks has been removed
* Owners of paid communities now have an increased limit to the number of personal messages.

Обновление LiveJournal v.110 на бете

livejournal wrote in lj_ru_beta:
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* Beta test of release 110
* Support pages, including FAQs, have been updated to the new site design
* You can now use webmaster tools from Yandex and
* Updates to the default comment system
** Comments by the entry author now have a different header color
** There's a little floating widget in the lower right corner that gives you links to the previous and next entries in the journal
** If you click on the heart button to add the entry to your memories, there's a popup box to choose public, friends only, or private. The memory is created with the "uncategorized" keyword. You can remove the entry from your memories by clicking on the heart button again.
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О планах развития LiveJournal на 2014 год

dimson wrote:
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*Dmitry is talking about planned changes for 2014.
1) New friends feed: Soon to be out of beta? Upcoming changes include the ability to comment to an entry directly from the feed and including the FriendsTimes as a filter.
2) Separation of friends and subscribers: If I'm reading this right, the current friends model will be replaced with a reciprocal friends model, with non-reciprocal arrangements becoming subscriptions.
3) A redesigned inbox
4) New mobile apps and mobile version of the website
5) New ways to advertise your journal
6) Improvements to social capital
7) The ability to print your journal into a book
8) Some kind of new media project
9) Improvements to spam fighting
10) New way to create journal styles
11) Improved visual editor
12) Improve site availability and stability. Improve Support system.
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Руководитель LiveJournal

tritankista wrote:
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* tritankista shared a link to an interview* with dimson, the first since he was appointed head of LiveJournal
* In the interview, Dmitry talks about working on LJ's technical infrastructure, attracting new readers, restarting the Help Center, and changes to the mobile apps.
* He discusses LJ's usage - approximately 50 million visitors in October, nearly half in Russian-speaking countries. There's large growth throughout Asia and South America.
* And finally he brings up some changes coming up in the future - further development of the new friends feed, changes to the private message system, the separation of friends into friends and subscribers, and finally what sounds like an easier way to create new journal styles.

Translations available at Google and Microsoft