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New Site Design!!!
This new site design is apparently in beta. When you first visit LJ you should have a popup giving you the option to either stick with the new design or go back to the old version. There doesn't yet seem to be a way to switch back and forth if you dismiss the popup.

[Switch back to the old design]Okay, right now there's a bit of a display problem. There's supposed to be a button at the top of the new header that looks like a question mark inside a word balloon, like this:

But some people are seeing a blank space instead:

If you see the question mark, click on it. If you don't see that icon, click on the blank space where it should be. This will bring up a pop-up with a link to switch back to the old version:

[Turn on new design]If you've already dismissed the pop-up but have decided to give the new design a try, there is no link or button you can press. Instead, you need to open a Support request and ask to have new design turned on for your account. I suggest using "Turn on new design" for the summary of your request.

1. All the old site schemes (Horizon, Vertigo, Lanzelot, & Lynx) have been replaced with this new design.
2. Homepage remains functionally the same, with the exception of the notification bar, which has been moved to a sidebar on the friends feed.
3. User profiles have been redesigned again. Interests and vgifts have been hidden in separate tabs and user statistics (userpics, photos, comments, etc...) are now along the side.
4. The new friends feed now has a bunch of customizable widgets, including calendar view, My Guests, new comment notifications and upcoming events, etc...
5. There's a new "Magazine" and that's about all I can really make of it.

Until there's an English-language post about these changes, I recommend leaving any feedback on the post linked at the top of this entry. It doesn't matter that it's written in Russian, or that most of the comments are in Russian. At least this way your feedback will be seen by an actual employee of LJ.

Update 5/16: There's now an English-language post here in lj_releases, though comments have been disabled. There's a clearer explanation about some of the changes. Staff have also asked users to submit bug reports, suggestions, or feedback about the redesign by opening a Support ticket. You can do so in the regular way, making sure to select "redesign" as the category, or if you're using the new design you can click on the speech bubble/question mark icon and click on the leave feedback link. It still might not hurt to leave a comment in the announcement post.

You can actually switch back to the old design using the pop-up window opened by clicking the cloud/question-mark icon in the new page header.
Good to know, I'll edit that info in. Do you happen to know how to switch from the old design to the new?
I don't unfortunately. This question was brought up in comments there but as of last night there was no staff response.
Switching from old to new once you've opted out requires opening a support ticket currently.
As this has been released site-wide (not just beta servers), is there meant to be an public English language announcement about this?
And again, it happens without notice. I think they'll make a post at some point but I fear it's something that can't turned back when it's "live".
Will repost this - thanks for the post.
I post your translations in a Facebook group for LJ users (it was created during or after one of those DDoS attacks on LJ). I think I am the only person there who understands Russian.

This is just to let you know that your work is appreciated.
Thank you So very much for the help!! I logged in with another browser and I didn't even have to look for that question mark option, I got the pop-up right away asking if I wanted to go back to the previous version, clicked it, and thank goodness it's worked so far.... *WHEW*.

I have been trying to figure out how to get back to the old friends page all afternoon.