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* Users and communities utilizing Cyrillic Services will no longer display the exact number of friends, members, or watched by on the profile if those numbers exceed two thousand. Users and community owners/maintainers will continue to be able to see the exact number.

* Pageviews will no longer factor into user and community ratings (I think. This was short enough to make machine translation a bit rough.)

* These changes are completely coincidental, and are meant for optimization.

* Which brings to mind an interesting report last week from user strannik01 (just a regular guy in Chicago). He reports that the Russian legislature has approved a law classifying any Russian website or blog with more than three thousand visitors a day as a media outlet. This means that any Russian LJ user in Russia with more than three thousand is now subject to the same regulations as other non-state-run media.

* So yeah, coincidental change on LJ's end that makes it harder to casually determine how many viewers Cyrillic users have.
Let me try (translating as closely as I can):

Рейтинг пользователей и сообществ, формировавшийся по просмотрам, также прекращает свою работу.
The rating of users and communities based on [the number of] views is also ceasing its work.

Does this make sense? If it does, feel free to edit it into better English. It seems to me that they are just getting rid of the rating altogether, or at least aren't going to display it anymore. Which may fit into that same picture.
I would translate it as "The rating of users and communities on the number of views will no longer function"
I can't imagine they'll get rid of the ratings entirely; it's a major component of the homepage. My interpretation is that they're somehow going to remove page views from the rating calculation.
This is how that Russian law defines "blogger" (ugh, that Russian legalese!):
Владелец сайта и (или) страницы сайта в сети «Интернет», на которых размещается общедоступная информация и доступ к которым в течение суток составляет более трех тысяч пользователей сети «Интернет»...
The owner of a site and (or) a page on the Internet, on which public information is published and the access [traffic?] to which is of more than three thousand Internet users for 24 hours...

So removing page views does make sense.

Thank you, Igor, of course "will no longer function" is much better English. By the way, is it normal to say "прекращает свою работу" in such a context in Russian? It sounds strange to me, but it's not my language after all.
Wowww, that law. That was a sweet dodge, SUP!

(I've honestly been concerned about the SUP folks for weeks now, especially after the news from Vkontakte.) (Note to others: LJ has a bazillion checks in place to prevent that exact scenario from happening, but still. I worry cause I still like some of you guys over there.) :p

(eternal note: remember I'm unofficial, not staff, not a lawyer, full of liberal hogwash, etc...)

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