Обновление Живого Журнала(BETA)

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Translations available at Google and Microsoft

* release 110 is live, just two days after going to beta
* Support pages have been redesigned, including FAQs
* Journal owners can now use webmaster tools from Yandex and mail.ru
** Default comment system changes
** Comments by the entry author are now marked with a different color header. When comments are collapsed the header color is applied as a background behind the entire comment
** New floating widget in the lower right corner that gives you links to the previous and next entries.
** Clicking the memories button now gives you a menu to add an entry quickly, at your choice of security.
* New anti-spam measures for personal messages
* The minimum social capital for placing promo blocks has been removed
* Owners of paid communities now have an increased limit to the number of personal messages.
Thank you so very much for this helpful service you provide!
Has anybody noticed that when modifying members in Personal Group Lists, the names no longer ALPHABETIZE?

Has been this way for about two weeks as far as I can tell....

No longer can tell at a glance if someone is in or notm in the list!... Have to scroll thru the entire thing to find the name randomized in there!! ;P

Stoooopid Coding Mistake!