Обновление LiveJournal v.110 на бете

livejournal wrote in lj_ru_beta: http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/10032.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft

* Beta test of release 110
* Support pages, including FAQs, have been updated to the new site design
* You can now use webmaster tools from Yandex and Mail.ru
* Updates to the default comment system
** Comments by the entry author now have a different header color
** There's a little floating widget in the lower right corner that gives you links to the previous and next entries in the journal
** If you click on the heart button to add the entry to your memories, there's a popup box to choose public, friends only, or private. The memory is created with the "uncategorized" keyword. You can remove the entry from your memories by clicking on the heart button again.