О планах развития LiveJournal на 2014 год

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*Dmitry is talking about planned changes for 2014.
1) New friends feed: Soon to be out of beta? Upcoming changes include the ability to comment to an entry directly from the feed and including the FriendsTimes as a filter.
2) Separation of friends and subscribers: If I'm reading this right, the current friends model will be replaced with a reciprocal friends model, with non-reciprocal arrangements becoming subscriptions.
3) A redesigned inbox
4) New mobile apps and mobile version of the website
5) New ways to advertise your journal
6) Improvements to social capital
7) The ability to print your journal into a book
8) Some kind of new media project
9) Improvements to spam fighting
10) New way to create journal styles
11) Improved visual editor
12) Improve site availability and stability. Improve Support system.
1. Like the idea of being able to comment right from the feed.
2. Sort of like FB, then? Everyone I decline to add ends up subscribed to me instead.
9. Always happy to hear about spam-fighting!
11. Curious what "improved" means here.
12. Very curious about the Support system improvements they're looking to make.
Yes, you are reading #2 right, but there is more to it that I don't quite understand, and not for linguistic reasons. It goes like this (I hope I'm translating it into good enough English):

This begs the question: What should I do if I want to grant access to a friends-only entry to a person who hasn't added me as a friend?

An option to open access to friends-only entries to individual users will be added specially for this purpose.

I can only infer that if you add somebody and they don't add you back, you'll be subscribed to their public entries, but they won't have access to your friends-only content. So there will be that new option to compensate for that if you want somebody you are subscribed to to have access to your friends-only entries. I wonder if that's going to be like the "Also Gives Access To" on Dreamwidth.

By the way, there is at least one user in the comments there asking Dmitry to get rid of the term "friend" altogether as it is too much emotionally loaded.