Обновление LiveJournal v.98 на бете

Note: For those new readers unfamiliar with this community, ruljautonews is my personal project to help the English users of LJ learn about what's going on via the various Russian-language based sources of news. This is not an official LiveJournal community, I am not a member of LJ staff, and your comments here will most likely only be seen by other regular users of LJ. If you want to express your opinions about any of the news you see here, you should sign up for beta access, try it out for yourself, and leave a polite comment to the Russian-language entry linked below.

livejournal wrote in lj_ru_beta: http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/7013.html
Translations available at Google and Microsoft

* First off is initial testing of the in-journal promo block. A variety of journals have already been selected to test the block in their journal, but all users who are signed up for Cyrillic services can test buying a block in one of the testing journals. All tokens spent on this promo block go to the journal owner where your journal or entry is promoted and not to LJ.
* Next, there is a new kind of friends page in testing. During beta you can switch back and forth between this new page and the old style friends page, but at the end of beta this new page will become what everyone uses.
** The new friends page is styled in the site scheme and not like your journal.
** All advertising has been removed.
** Instead of clicking a Previous link to page back, the new page uses an "infinite scroll" like Tumblr.
** If a new entry is posted while you're reading, a notification will appear on the right.
** The scissors icon for lj-cuts is back, but on this new page the expanded cuts have a collapse link at the end of the expanded content.
** Custom friends groups and the calendar are enabled right on the friends page - it's not necessary to enable to navbar to use them.

* There are two new buttons in lj-like: Tumblr and Surfingbird.

Update 1: reading through some of the translated comments I found these to be interesting: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Basically, it seems that the prevailing attitude is that your journal's style is meant for your readers, not for you. Also, that it would be too difficult to include all the new features they want to add to the friends page to all the different styles that LJ currently supports (for instance, I've read about plans to open comments directly in the friends page.)

Update 2: foxfirefey is conducting a poll of how users use their friends page, and their attitudes to different aspects of the user experience, over here.

Update 3: twissie has some more information available in an entry on her journal.

Update 4: It looks like membership in lj_ru_beta is currently open. This means you should be able to start beta-testing right away, as soon as you join the community and switch to the beta server.

Update 5: The new friends page has gone into public beta testing, which means there are better places to discuss it than here. I'm going to remove the repost buttons and lock the comments.
oh god oh god oh god this may be what makes me stop reading my friends page
Yep. I will be VERY SAD if I have to stop reading my friends page because it is ugly and nonnavigable. I do not want to make a Dreamwidth feed for all the people and comms I follow on LJ, at least not until somebody figures out how to make RSS on DW respect cut tags, and I really do not want to stop reading all these people.
Infinite scroll?? D: D: REALLY DO NOT WANT. :( :( :(
The new friends page is styled in the site scheme and not like your journal. [snip]
Instead of clicking a Previous link to page back, the new page uses an "infinite scroll" like Tumblr.

Each of these on their own would be enough to make me give up on my friends page for good.

If a new entry is posted while you're reading, a notification will appear on the right.

This, too.

I've stuck with LJ through a lot, but basic usability isn't something I can do without.

:( :( :(
There is a reason why infinite scroll on tumblr dashboard is OPTIONAL VIA SETTINGS.
Not everyone's computers can take the same load.

This would really fuck up functionality.

Infinite scroll on Tumblr is a MESS. Tumblr for me is only functional when I opt out of it and I can't imagine my friends page being infinite scroll. One poster who forgets their LJ-cut and my entire flist is unreadable.

Dear LJ - stop giving us functionality that we don't want. At the very least make it optional.
Wow, I hate every one of these friend's list changes. Infinite scroll is horrible and crashes my browser. And the scissors are ugly. And why are they destroying our layouts?

Thank you for the heads up.

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If I want infinite scroll I can go to tumblr or twitter, if I want popping notifications, I can go to facebook, this was supposed to be LJ. Are you trying to make us leave? :(

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Every single one of these things is something I would leave a service over. Really, LJ?
Oh, wow. Talk about rendering LJ utterly useless.

In other words: NO!
Infinite scroll is the WORST IDEA ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it ties up mobile devices and computers on slow internet connections freeze completely.


also why the HELL would i want to use the 'site scheme' if i have chosen a layout of my own.


stop fixing things are NOT broken!!!! all we want is for the servers to actually *WORK* all the time.
Seriously? We won't be able to have our own style for the friends page? WTF??? Why do you really think people will be okay with this? As you can see from the above comment and I'm sure you'll soon have hundreds upon hundreds that HATE these changes. When will you learn?? Why do you keep messing with things that are fine?? Have you never heard the expression, "IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT"???? Especially when there are plenty of other things that you should be fixing! Like the stupid Rich Text not working properly when trying to post pics. Seriously. Just leave things alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does LJ want people to leave for other sites?
The site is already acting up for me now. I shudder to think how it will be once these changes are implemented.

Infinite scroll:
Do. Not. Want.
It occasionally causes my computer to hang on Tumblr and Twitter (and let's not even talk about mobile usability). I don't want it here too. I really hope that can be opted out of. (Not holding my breath though.)

The friends page not in the scheme of my layout:
Really. Do. Not. Want.
I work hard on my layouts and I want to see that layout when I go to my friends page and I want other people to see it too.
Why even have schemes at this rate?

I still don't see why they don't concentrate on what really needs fixing and drop trying to be a Facebook or Tumblr clone.
I guess I'm going to have to start crossposting from Dreamwidth again.
Exactly. Why even have all the many scheme choices LJ offers? WTF????

And, yes, FB is a HUGE mess and progressively gets worse. Why would anyone want LJ to be ANYTHING like them?????
Are you KIDDING ME??? Reading my Flist in MY STYLE is why I'm still on this site. Without that-I'm gone. Make it OPT IN or OPT OUT, don't force people. Have you learned ANYTHING from Facebook?

Ugh I'm so sick of this BS.
Look, I'm not LJ staff, and this isn't an official LJ community. If you want to communicate to staff, leave a comment to the entry in lj_ru_beta.
Thank you very much for providing these translations for those of us who would otherwise have to depend on online translators to get news and information about the site.
Thank you for providing the translations and helpful links to the beta page! I am not thrilled about the potential of forcibly-LJ-styled friends pages or autoscrolling but it's good to know and try out beforehand. ;-)
Your welcome. Click repost or share if you want to help spread it further.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Ugh, LJ. No cookies for you.
Many questions.
I did a quick translation of some comments.
What's this stuff about tokens? That sounds like some weird gaming pay per feature thing is being added.

Is there anywhere we can find a translation of the entire post?

These changes appear to have been in the works for quite some time - why isn't the english staff communicating any of this?
Re: Many questions.
The only conversations involving tokens seem to be about the new in-journal promo blocks, which is a Cyrillic-services-only feature. Basically, one journal owner pays another some tokens and the first journal owner gets to place a little ad space, like the kind seen on http://www.lijournal.ru , on the second journal. The second user gets total say over who gets to advertise in their journal, and gets to keep all the tokens. Read some past entries in the promo-block tag for more info.
Thank you for the information. It's a shame this kind of official news is always unavailable to anyone who doesn't read Cyrillic.
I still can't get over how much of a stonkingly bad idea this is. Many of my friends list have outright said this is the last straw for them and they'll leave if this goes through. I swear every time LJ updates I lose a chunk of my online friends. Every single comment in the English beta post is negative, I can't wait to be steamrollered over yet again.

Thank you for translating and posting this here, though, much appreciated!
"I still can't get over how much of a stonkingly bad idea this is. Many of my friends list have outright said this is the last straw for them and they'll leave if this goes through. I swear every time LJ updates I lose a chunk of my online friends."

This! :0
I like the previous entries notes. It helps organize things.
This is just stunningly, gapingly bad. Who are they paying to come up with this stuff?
Thank you for translating for us English-speaking users!
Thank Google and Microsoft for the translations. Mostly I just keep track of when something is posted to one of the Russian journals or communities that typically have news, run it through the translators, and summarize it if I think it's important or interesting.
Reposted.... oh my, that aren't good news. LJ is always eager to change to become like someone else.
LJ isn't Facebook or Tumblr. They'll never learn that I fear.

I like my style very much; there is a reason I'm keeping XColibur.
I don't like the LJ style, it's too bad with the icon selection (and I don't like the spell check). *shudders*
"** Instead of clicking a Previous link to page back, the new page uses an "infinite scroll" like Tumblr."

Actually you have a choice on Tumblr between scrolling and pages, and many people like myself choose separate pages as (in my case) my computer can't cope well with endless unbroken posts.

Please don't do this!!
Please read the note at the top of the entry - I'm not part of LiveJournal, I have no control over anything.
I like having my Friends page in my journal style. I do NOT want it changed. Why does LJ keep fixing things that aren't broken????

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